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Making an Impact

Our Promises

Fit & Able Productions is a nonprofit organization that is passionate about promoting the love of running and enhancing community access to health and fitness education and activities. All who engage with Fit & Able and its events can expect:

A Personal Challenge

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness program, Fit & Able provides the motivation you need to take it to the next level.

An Exceptional Experience

Fit & Able is committed to making it fun, easy, and exciting to be healthy! When you attend or sponsor a Fit & Able race, workshop, or other event, you will enjoy a top-quality experience from start to finish.

Health & Fitness Expertise

From eating right and training well to choosing the right gear, Fit & Able’s health and fitness experts stay on top of the latest knowledge to help you reach your performance goals.


There is a special bond among people who love running – that bond transcends the social, cultural, political and economic barriers that typically divide us. Fit & Able takes a stand for inclusion and encourages anyone of any age, ability, or skill level to participate. Whether they run, walk, roll, or stroll, we welcome any individual who wants to participate in our events.

As a hometown company, we believe Fit & Able should have a positive impact on our community. Since 2013, we’ve helped raise or donated over $150,000 to many local charities, including:  

  • Boys & Girls Club of Wake Co.              SPCA of Wake County.                    Read & Feed                                     Life Experiences
  • Urban Ministries of Wake County.         Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club.               Cary Family YMCA.                           US Veterans Corps
  • Alzheimer’s North Carolina.                   The Carying Place.                           Triangle Aphasia Project, Unltd.        Soles 4 Souls
  • Triangle Aquatic Center                         Apex Chamber of Commerce          The 200 Club of Wake County.          Esteemed Coffee  
  • YMCA of the Triangle                            Cary Community Foundation           Wade Edwards Learning Lab             Camp Corral
  • Dorcas Ministries                                  Town of Cary’s Play It Forward         Cary Women’s Giving Network          Horse & Buddy
  • Travis Manion Foundation.                    Mariposa School.                             TAA’s A New Lease on Life.               Hope Chapel
  • The Wake Tech Foundation.                  North Carolina Senior Games.         Green Chair Project                           Fill Your Bucket
  • Bradford’s Ordinary Fire Co.                 Wheels 4 Hope.                                Children’s Flight of Hope.                  Note in Your Pocket
  • Food Bank Central & Eastern NC         Center for Volunteer Caregiving       Cary PD Project Phoenix                   Soroptimist Raleigh

Running for a Cause

Our charity program helps individual runners, teams, and nonprofits support causes close to their hearts by making Fit & Able events an opportunity to raise money for specific charities.

Create a Fundraising Team & Raise Money

Once you’ve assembled a team, contact to register and receive a $5 rebate per participant for your charity. Example: 25 registrations = $125 rebate back to the charity

While registering you can set up a fundraising page. During registration, other runners will have an opportunity to donate to your charity. You can also invite anyone from the community to donate through your fundraising page. Your charity will receive 100% of the donations made to your page.

* Charity rebate program may not be available at all events or race. Only registrations for 5K and greater races are eligible for the rebate. All rebates will be paid out after the race. Please contact us at for more information. 

Create a Volunteer Team

Charities and nonprofits can create teams and receive a stipend for volunteering during the race. Fit & Able offers volunteers who aren't working for service hours a $15 registration credit for their help. Rather than receive the stipend themselves, each volunteer on the team will have their Fit & Able credit given to the charity as a donation. Please contact for more information and to help us identify your team members.

Fundraising Incentive Levels

As a "thank you" to those doing extra work and serving as a fundraiser for Fit & Able, we have set these incentive levels to give you something to shoot for!

  • Level 1 – Raise $50 and you will receive a Team Fit & Able Shoe Bag
  • Level 2 – Raise $100 and you will earn a Certified Fit & Able Water Bottle
  • Level 3 – Raise $250 and you'll get a Certified Fit & Able T-shirt a refunded race registration fee. Please note: registrants who set up a fundraiser will need to select a checkbox indicating that they want the refund if they reach this level.
  • Level 4 – Raise $500 nets you a Fit & Able Fleece Jacket
  • Level 5 – Raise $1,000 will get you a $100 Omega Sports Gift Card

Prize levels are cumulative (ie, if you raise $300 you get levels 1, 2, and 3!). All donations received by race day for each event will count toward the special prize that will be awarded to the top fundraiser on event day.

Team Program

Everyone has some friends that love fitness and love running. They also have those friends that are always on the fence when it comes to fitness “One day I’ll join you for a run…” Have you ever just wanted to bring them all together and make today that “one day” Now you can!

It doesn’t matter if this group of yours is made up of colleagues, neighbors, organization members, family members, fitness groups, or some other random collection of people. We want to help you come out and experience the day TOGETHER!

Our whole goal is to incentivize YOU to get your squad to the start line.  It doesn’t matter what distance each member runs, we just want you there and active!

Corporate Teams

Fit & Able events are a great team bonding experience for company employees. It rallies employees around a fun and healthy activity and encourages team camaraderie by training together before the race. Corporate teams have the opportunity to win an award for the largest team.


Fit & Able has a 24 week program for runners preparing for the half marathon or the full marathon. The program includes training plans for runners of all abilities, paces, and goals. Fit & Able can help you whether you are running a specific distance for the first time or you are a veteran to the distance and just want to improve your time and performance.

Ambassador Program 

You only need to watch a few minutes of a race to learn, runners are a passionate group of people. Whatever their split-time, size or story, runners are the ones who’ve decided to get out of bed, get moving and get after it.

Fit & Able puts together a select team of runners each year to serve as ambassadors for our many races throughout the year. We search for go-getters who are skilled at bringing people together and motivating others towards a common goal. The majority of people who’ve run our races say that it was because a friend or family member encouraged them to try. That’s why our ambassadors are so important. Often all it takes is the right person to change someone’s thoughts from, “Never!” to “Why not me?” These lovely men and women are here to help you get across that finish line!

Think you have what it takes to be a Fit & Able Ambassador? Whether you’ve run 100 ultra marathons or are looking to train for your first 5K, we want to hear from YOU!

Social Media Ambassadors


Social Media Ambassadors represent specific Fit & Able events online. There is no requirement to be present on race day, but you must have attended at least one Fit & Able event in order to be considered for the program.

  • Must have attended at least one Fit & Able event before applying
  • You represent a specific race and can help represent and promote that race online
Primary Responsibilities

Support: Help to answer other people’s questions/comments/complaints on social media. You’ve got direct access to Travis who will help you get answers quickly.

Contribute: Help to generate interesting/valuable content that other runners would appreciate

  • See good tips for running? Post it to our Facebook page
  • If onsite at an event, help with Facebook Live streams
  • If onsite at an event, help run the Instagram stream (e.g., taking pictures on race day, hikes, good places to eat, etc.)
  • Post-race reviews on your blog, review sites, etc.

Amplify: Social media algorithms make it difficult and expensive to spread the word about our events. 

  • Check our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc. profile regularly and share interesting posts to your own audience. (This is the most basic ambassador expectation.)
  • Spread the word about merch

How We'll Measure Success

  • Post Fit & Able content to your audience at least 1x/month (using a custom hashtag)
  • Actively participate in the Facebook page for the race(s) you represent
  • Provide interesting content for your race’s Facebook page
  • Actively participate in our private Fit & Able Ambassadors discussion group
  • Attend monthly calls to discuss ambassador program updates, get/share tips for success, etc.


  • 2 free guaranteed race entries for yourself (one for the race you represent, and one for any other single race)
  • Swag: could include such things as t-shirts, stickers, hats, mugs, jackets, etc.
  • End of season Ambassador party
  • Coupon code to share with your followers on social media
  • We'll help our audience get to know you better (e.g., "Congratulations to @JaneSmith, one of our rockstar Ambassadors for running her first ultramarathon!! Go Jane!!!")
  • Link from our Ambassadors page to wherever you'd like (e.g., Facebook, your website, etc.)
  • Private group chat for Ambassadors